Selena Gomez Releaved She And Justin Bieber Are ‘Better Apart’ After 12 months Split

We hear that Selena Gomez is actually happy that she is no longer dating Justin Bieber as she allegedly thinks it’s better for her to stay away from him. The singer has been through a lot, both health-wise as well as emotionally given that she’s been through two failed relationships and a life-saving surgery in the past 12 months.

That being said, exactly one year ago, the world looked a lot different to Selena than now when she is super happy and healthy.


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One insider exclusively told HollywoodLife that ‘This time last year she was mentally preparing to undergo surgery for a kidney transplant, which is no walk in the park by anybody’s standards. So, this 4th of July, Selena has a lot to celebrate. She has her health back, her family,  friends, her millions of fans all over the world, as well as her career — which is going from strength to strength, especially seeing as Rolling Stone just picked ‘Back to You’ as their ’song of the summer.’ That’s really made Selena happy.’

The source went on to mention that ‘Selena has come so far in the past year, her surgery and recovery was an emotional rollercoaster, and it really took a toll. Selena expected to feel emotional directly following the operation. But she wasn’t prepared for potentially longer periods too, and the past year has been pretty emotionally taxing all in all.’

Not to mention that all the stress that came along with her Bieber reunion last fall affected her so much that she started treatment to deal with her anxiety and other related mental health problems.

In the meantime, Justin Bieber has already moved on with Hailey Baldwin, and they are not hiding their very public displays of affection at all.

‘Sure, Selena still misses Justin from time to time, she is bound to as they were together for a long time, but she knows they are better apart.’

‘When it comes down to it, she just cannot deal with all the stress and drama anymore. After her surgery, Selena made a promise to herself that she would put her physical and mental health first, no matter what, and props to her, she is really sticking to her guns,’ the insider concluded.

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