Why Might Not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Future Daughters Inherit Their Titles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Future Daughters Might Not Inherit Their Titles. That’s because the titles can only be inherited by a male heir. If they don’t have a son, and only welcome daughters, their titles will end up just dying out. Interesting, right?

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But don’t worry, the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act has changed things up before, meaning regardless of gender, birth order determines who is next in line for the throne (this happened when Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George). That said, after Prince Charles and Prince William, the order would be Prince George, 4, Princess Charlotte, 3, and then Prince Louis, 1 month. If this was not the case, then Princess Charlotte would have lost her position to her baby brother.

On top of that, Meghan and Harry are both feminists, so we doubt either of them would let this happen to their future daughters. “He’s a feminist too, so there’s that,” Meghan once told a fan, according to People. Her bio on the royal family website even features a strong quote from her. “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist,” it says.


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Harry and Meghan have been very vocal in the past about wanting children. And lucky for us royal fans, the duo is already trying for a baby just a few weeks after their wedding! “Meghan Markle and Harry are already trying for a baby. They’d love to have at least two,” an insider told Closer Weekly in an exclusive interview. As Meghan’s former high school teacher, Wanda Rizzo, told Closer, “She’ll make a great mom!”

That said, we’re sure she’ll resemble qualities of her mother, Doria Ragland, and deceased mother-in-law, Princess Diana. A source revealed, “Doria raised Meghan Markle to be strong, stand up for what she believes in, and embrace her roots.” We have a feeling Meghan and Harry’s future daughters will follow suit!

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